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'm done yet? [laughter] >> no. >> i could keep going with fluffy stuff. i googled it in this morning. there are 86 million fuzzy things. lint. [laughter] >> okay. while he comets to think of more -- continues to think of more -- >> snowballs. >> can i ask that everyone allow greg to get out this way, because he's going to -- >> winter gloves. >> -- sign your books. so before we give him a round of applause, thank you all so much for coming. thank you. [applause] >> oh, stop it. [cheers and applause] >> you're watching booktv on c-span2, 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. >> here's some of the top-selling nonfiction titles that independent bookstores around the country according to this list reflects sales as of december 6th. pulitzer prize-winning journalist john meacham's boyle my of thomas jefferson topped -- biography of thomas jefferson tops the list at number one. anne la not in her book, "help thanks wow." this is second. ina garden is third with her book, barefoot contessa, foolproof. at number four, "i could pee on this." next, bill o'reil
-- fell down and hit his lip balm the pedestal and was afflicted with the flesh eating bacteria. google his name is jake. there are pictures of him. his surgeons were miraculously the way they could graft the skid and they attribute his cure to her intercession and was that it -- verified through the vatican that these are paranormal occurrences that could only come from above. the process is still slow. they decided last year to canonize her october 21st the biography is where you take the fact and you tried to make a story. you try to get the motive motive, human psychology, we know how we tried to make it real in a way that this sympathetic. it is true in the deeper way so you try to tell the story in a way that is productive to "the reader" that they say what to what i have done? and a great movie or book does that. it is the artistic creation but other they and the bare facts anything written about her past have some degree of fiction from whoever writes it. i a tried to show her with the struggle surmounting these issues in her life what it did to her and brought her to a place th
. and he was afflicted with the flesh-eating bacteria. and if you go online, you can either google her name or his name. it's jake finkbonner. they have pictures of him when he was in the throes of this malady. so jake finkbonner had survived. his surgeons were absolutely miraculous in the way they were able to graft skin to cover what had been consumed by the bacteria, and they attributed his survival, his cure to her intersession. so that was verified that supernormal or paranormal occurrences can only come from above. that was in '05 or '06 when he had that malady. and then they decided to canonize her last year, i think it was in december of 2011. and they put it forward on october 21, 2012, was the date of her canonization. a novelized biography is something where you take the facts, and you try to tell a story out of them, and you impute motive, and you try to get a human psychology that we can respect because we are alive, we have people that we've known and, you know, we know our own inner hearts. and you try to make it real. in a way that's sympathetic. and i don't mean sympathetic
and the iphone and google and facebook and trevor and face the federal government that runs up the pace. [laughter] and you have no serious effort in either party to overhaul the system. in that sense we are told by people that are running a disaster we need more of your money to prop up the disaster, we can't reform, and it is a bipartisan failure. now i want to talk about how washington would have dealt with this. washington is a remarkable person. i think that he was the most important single american and all of us stand on his shoulders and i think we wouldn't have won the american revolutionary war without him and we will not have gotten in the constitution without him and we might not have been able to find an orderly system. and we all stand on his shoulders. washington is very the gun listening to people who actually knew what they were doing. and it was a very specific narrow way. i'm not against the people who know more about you do on the topic. it's the consultants that no less than you do so you feel secure because you paid somebody else. so washington, for example, in the
>> you can either google his name or her name. they have pictures of him. jake had survived in his surgeons were miraculous in the way they were able to craft his skin. they attributed his survival, his cure to her intercessn.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)